Exquisite’s premium quality Commercial Audio Visual Systems are among the best on the Australian market, and are accompanied by an unbeatable service by our team of dedicated and professional technicians.
From the selection to the installation process, our qualified team offer an array of services including system specification, design layout, sound isolation, lighting design and room acoustics design to ensure our services meet your standards and are tailored to your corporate requirements.
We deliver a complete solution to your home theatre system needs and are proud to attain world-class standards. Whether you’re after something modest or an extravagant state-of-the-art home theatre package, we will work alongside you every step of the way to find the perfect home theatre solution to meet your needs and budget.
Are you after the ideal audio system that is sleek and discreet in design with all of the capabilities and quality of a top of the range audio system? Why not check out our Multi Zone systems
With the ability to play music from four separate sources, including a stereo, radio, CD or DVD player, this premium quality audio system allows you to play music to Music Room Manager zones located inside or even outside your area.
Whether mum is in the kitchen listening to opera, dad is relaxing on the patio listening to some rock and the kids are doing their homework while listening to pop, this device takes into account the specific wants and needs of every individual and is designed to ensure everyone’s requirements are met. Gone are the days of one person selecting music and everyone having to listen to it, as this supreme quality system allows for everyone to listen to their favourite selection of music while under the same roof, simultaneously. Not to mention, we also offer weather resistant outdoor speakers to improve your outdoor entertainment.
Providing the highest quality stereo sound, this seamlessly invisible audio system utilises state of the art discreet in-wall and in-ceiling flush mount speakers, with all wiring hidden within the walls so that the system matches the décor and enhances the aesthetic of your home. Unlike a number of other audio visual and automation businesses who offer only a few services, meaning you have to go through a number of contractors to get the job done, our certified team of technicians will take care of all services, from the selection of the product right through to the electrical work for the installation of your new audio system.

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