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Exquisite specialist in commercial alarm systems. Check out our range of premium quality security systems and solutions!
With years of experience in the industry, Exquisite has established a reputation built on quality products, unbeatable service and competitive pricing. When it comes to protecting your family and possessions, security is at the forefront of all priorities. At Exquisite we offer a selection of premium quality security alarms from leading global manufacturers, ideal for any residential or commercial property. From detectors and beams, wireless detectors and emergency response solutions and smoke sensors, all of our alarm systems are tailored specifically to meet your requirements. However, we don’t stop there- Exquisite also offers the best value in general alarm accessories, from sirens sounders and strobes, panic buttons, smoke detectors, power suppliers, timers and cables, you can rest assured that we have the necessary equipment to keep your family and belongings safe.

Security camera’s Commercial/Residential. View your camera's from anywhere in the world.

Security camera’s can be used for many reasons, people think you don’t need them but in this day in age protection can be used in many situations.
Home pool safety –watch your kids in the pool while you’re cooking dinner.
Workplace Point of Sale camera’s and to watch stock Safety - Camera's can record areas where safety may be an issue or monitor staff actions. Ask us about our range of cameras that can be monitored for your protection

Access Control Systems.

Exquisite specialist in Access Control Solutions!
Reasons for KEYLESS ACCESS: Staff enrolment/Check in – check a staff members time sheet and make sure it is the same as the system log. Access –You will know who entered the office or home at any given time. Protection – Forget giving out codes and numbers that get forgotten or passed around, Finger print access is the upmost protection and affordable too! Remote Access – Let someone in from anywhere in the world!

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